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Corporate Event:

Step out of the cubicle and into the sunshine with Broken Bow Ranch’s corporate events and getaways!

An off-the-beaten-path way to bond with your coworkers

Breathe in the fresh country air located just outside of Dallas with our all-inclusive Texas retreat for the hard-working 9-5’ers. Indulge in the painted wildflowers, Trinity River, and great oaks atop a horse specially matched to your level of expertise and comfort.

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“Gay Bingham and her staff, the horses, and the trail ride experience were excellent!  We plan on visiting again next year!  I would recommend it to others over nearby competitors, too.  The experience exceeded expectations.  The horses were very well-behaved and the staff were careful, attentive, and cautious to the riding level of the patrons and how they managed during the ride.  This was an easily earned 5-star rating.”

– Nancy M

Because zoom fatigue and meeting exhaustion are real. And the truth is, a day full of adventure and bonding does more good for a team than sitting around a table in a screen-filled office. And when coworkers gather outside of the water cooler, amazing transformations happen.

Set your slack as OOO and step outdoors with this out-of-the-box company get-together. Rejuvenate and refresh employees’ spirits with horseback riding, archery + fishing, the great outdoors, and tasty barbecue grilled right in front of you.

This is perfect for you and your department if you’re looking for:

  • A refreshingly fun and original group bonding experience
  • A way to treat your team without the traditional (i.e. boring) round of drinks or another corporate lunch
  • An authentic Texas experience 
  • Hand-picked barbeque artists with the best and tastiest sides in the Lone Star state!
  • A fun way to de-stress and relax outside of the office
  • Learn archery + fishing

When you and your team participate in a corporate ride, y’all will receive a group transformation that challenges the norm, embraces a non-conforming bonding experience, and brings the group together

This is a lovely place for horse riding. The ranchers know each horse by personality and temperament. They seem to genuinely care for them. The trails were pleasant and comfortable. Our guide was knowledgeable and very friendly. He made us feel very comfortable. I think we learned much more about riding than we had from previous rides. Thoroughly recommend this ranch. They offer Archery, fishing, and riding lessons, but we only experienced the trail ride. They also helped us take pictures afterward. Highly recommend this ranch!

– M Ruberu

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Please call to check pricing for your corporate events, birthday parties, family reunions, or Quinces. BBQ, trail rides, learning to rope or shoot, live music, and your very own custom-shaped western hat are some of the activities and amenities available.

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Welcome to Broken Bow Ranch!

My name is Gay Leigh Bingham! With over 30 years of experience in giving horseback riding lessons and training horses, I’ve got a whole lotta experience. As a former high school Agriculture teacher, I’m a natural-born educator and love helping others. I’ve instructed literally thousands of riders over the years and host lessons and camps for riders to learn the joys of horse riding. I am passionate about sharing the joys of riding horses with others and helping riders of all skill levels achieve unbridled joy is my jam. 


Here’s what you will receive when you book an event with us:

  • Group Trail Ride – “Over the valley and through the woods,” except you’re traipsing through painted fields of wildflowers, walking alongside a tranquil river, and breathing in fresh country air under the Texas sun
  • All materials provided – just show up and wear your hand-shaped cowboy/girl hat with pride!
  • Enriching educational + historical experience – history of the ranch, Texas, horses, and so much more!
  • Hop off your horse and tuck into the tastiest BBQ in Texas! Fresh and cooked right on our property by our hand-picked grill masters, enjoy the authentic Texas dinner after a day of ridin’
  • Let your hair down and relax with a wonderful de-stressing activity that helps ease depression and anxiety
  • Ditch the water cooler and gather around a real river under the Texas sun
  • Get your Texas on and learn archery, fishing, and roping lessons from our very own experts
  • Get out of the house and enjoy the Texas hill country atop a horse hand-selected for your skill level + personality

We loved the hand-shaped hats and the personal attention that the trail guides gave us so that we felt comfortable on the horses for a real Texan ride! Only 4 words about the BBQ brisket. OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!

Amanda, Corporate Planner

So What’s Included?

  1. A dedicated guide on a ranch that’s been around for over 100+ years
  2. Saddle + cowboy hat provided
  3. 25 minutes outside of central Dallas
  4. 1-Hour Ride
  5. Free Parking 
  6. Archery + Fishing + BBQ in the Trail Ride Experience Package
  1. By the time the sun goes down, you’ll have:
    1. Connected with nature AND your party 
    2. Galloped out of your comfort zone
    3. Receive personalized instructions on archery + fishing + horsemanship skills from leading experts 
    4. Indulged in the state’s tastiest BBQ dinner

“What a great evening!   The range masters, guides, and Gay Bingham were so attentive and experts at their craft. They made us feel at home and it was such a special time to relax after LOTS of meetings. Oh, and many of us tried for thirds of that melt-in-your-mouth brisket!!!”

– Daniel
  1. Starting at just $80/ a person
    1. Includes: Archery + fishing + roping + all the outfit trimmings
    2. Melt-in-your-mouth brisket sounds good right about now? Add it to your group experience for just an extra $27 per person!

Total with discount $125/person with 10% discount.  

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How long is the ride?


Is food included?

So you wanna sit down and have a date with the state’s best barbeque? We don’t blame ya! Add this dinner option to your group for just an extra $27 per person.

Is alcohol allowed? 

Yes! BYOB or we can get it for you beforehand – just let us know, and we’ll include it in your cost!

Interested in individual lessons? Sign up here:

What do we need to bring?

Close-toed shoes, weather-appropriate clothing, and a water bottle!

Is there a waiver to fill out before?   

When you register, you’ll receive the waiver from us!