About Us

Who We Are

A beloved Dallas landmark, Broken Bow Ranch has been around for over 150 years.

The Phillips family and its ranch has been an integral part of establishing horsemanship and official Texan competitions, helping organize the Stock Horse of Texas. 

Now under the guidance of Gay Leigh Bingham, Broken Bow Ranch has one goal at the very forefront of our business:

To create an outdoor experience where horses help us connect to ourselves and nature.
We’re kickin’ things up a notch because we want YOU to experience the joys of riding and training that we and our amazing horses have to offer.

An authentic facility, a daily life retreat, and a center of learning for riders of all ages

Over the years, we’ve raised and trained dozens of horses, taught hundreds of riders, and led thousands of visitors through our trails. Caring for and teaching others our love for horses is what we’re all about over here.

We offer trail rides as a way to escape from the daily grind with Texan activities to expand the boundaries and comfort zones of all who mosey on down to our ranch.

We then took it a little deeper, offering lessons to riders of all ages and backgrounds, until our riders started seeing jaw-dropping results and wins. 

Realizing we could provide riders the ultimate value of training, we began to formulate how to best educate riders across the state. Thus, Broken Bow Ranch Lessons and Horse Camps were developed and have been an integral part in making Texas the top destination for horseback riding. 

We do what we do because not only do we have a history of equestrian passion but also a thumb on the pulse of Texas Horse Competitions. We invest in our horses and want to invest in our riders who come to learn with us. 

We are so excited to show our passions to the world, whether that’s through a leisurely trail ride, ground-breaking lessons, fun and educational horse camps, Corporate Events and Birthdays, and truly so much more.

Meet Our Founder: Gay Leigh Bingham!

With over 30 years of experience in giving horseback riding lessons, Gay Bingham is a seasoned equestrian expert. As a former high school Agriculture teacher, Gay is a natural-born teacher and loves helping others. 

She has instructed literally thousands of riders and hosts camps for young riders to learn the joys of horse riding. Gay’s expertise in teaching horsemanship skills has helped riders perfect their techniques and achieve unbridled success.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Ride With Us

Take a trail ride excursion with us! Sit back, relax, and indulge in the sweet country air while the Texan sun peeks out from over the hills.

Horsin’ Around

Enroll your child in a spring or summer camp, and watch as their confidence and leadership skills blossom in just five days! Get them outside, making memories that will last a lifetime.

Ride With Confidence

It’s time for you to hold the reins! Enroll yourself or your child(ren) in lessons, and learn from the very best award-winning instructors in Texas!

Riders’ Choice: A Trusted Name in the Equestrian World. See from our happy clients!

“Another week of horse camp done.. always an amazing, fun experience for my kids. They come home tired and talking all about Cricket, Sundance, and Bubba. Thank you!” – Charlotte Lyons

I took my three young boys (3, 7 and 10) and my husband on a trail ride at Broken Bow Ranch. The people here are warm and welcoming and the trail ride was simply magical! Our springtime ride was cool and breezy. It had just rained quite a bit, so the trails had lots of puddles which made for a fun and adventurous time! The horses were calm and had no issues getting through those trails. My favorite part was seeing the lime green ponds in the back. This trail has the most beautiful scenery! I can’t wait to go back!” – Loren Hoover

“Excellent place to ride horses. We were a big family group for my dad’s birthday. We enjoyed a beautiful day and sunset riding horses and doing barbecue. Perfect place to de-stress and get out of the routine and also has excellent attention from the owner who is really very friendly and special!!” – Valentina Moran

“We just had a birthday party for our daughter (13 years old) at the Broken Bow Ranch. It was fantastic. We had it early on a Saturday morning inviting her friends, family and our close acquaintances to the open fresh air of the ranch. We had food, fun and conversation under the giant pecan tree. Not all wanted to ride horses but we did have 18 who rode on two trail rides. We sat the little ones on horses for pictures and gave them the opportunity to get up close and personal with horses for the first time. (It was a first time experience for some of the adults too.) You need to come out and see what the Old Town Road is really all about. Come ride till you can’t no more. – Dal Woodruff

My daughter Brooklyn attended a summer session, she had a WONDERFUL TIME , I can almost say it was one of the best weeks of her little 8 year old life ! Camp was a TRUELY HANDS ON CAMP , she fished, rode horses 🐎, archery ! It was one EPIC WEEK well worth the money and experience. The best part for me as a parent was she walked away with a million dollars worth of new found confidence. Thanks and I more then recommend !” – Sheri King-Franklin

“Our guide Jeff was very friendly, knowledgeable and led us through everything we needed to know. We had a great time and would recommend it to anyone wanting to ride.” – Branda Shaw