Riding Lessons

Experience the THRILL of horseback riding as a confident expert through lessons or VRHS training!

Feel remarkably more empowered, confident, and capable when you book riding lessons for yourself or your kiddos. Expand your skillset, increase your capabilities, rack up wins, and master horsemanship skills with Broken Bow Ranch’s lessons!

Private Lesson30 Minutes$60
Group Lesson (2-5 people)45 Minutes$60/person

In the Stirrups: Setting and Achieving Riding Goals

In the Stirrups: Setting and Achieving Riding Goals

If you’re looking for ways to enrich your life or provide an invaluable experience for your child, horse riding lessons offer more than just learning a new skill.

They provide a unique blend of physical activity, mental engagement, and an opportunity to connect with these magnificent animals. Riding lessons promote discipline, responsibility, and confidence, all while fostering a deep appreciation for nature. 

Whether you’re a beginner or seeking to level up your riding abilities, participating in horse riding lessons is an investment in personal growth and your future. 

But right now, you’re seeking to find the right instructor for you or your loved ones. You need an expert that’s going to:

– Holistically understand your current skillset through an in-depth assessment and evaluation, and know exactly what you and your horse need to work on as a team

– Map out your goals, and then take you exactly where you need to go with method-backed and proven strategies 

– Safely communicate with and teach you foundational horsemanship skills

– Create engaging lessons that are educational, impactful, momentous, and life-changing

– Help you understand the temperament of your horse and how to best work with him/her

– Take you as FAR as you want to go!

It’s time to achieve glowing results for the showing skills you’re about to develop, even if you’re currently struggling with common horse issues.

Introducing: Riding Lessons at Broken Bow Ranch!

Our weekly lessons take the challenges and costly expenses out of riding. Enjoy affordable lessons that improve your riding skills and personal growth while instilling a deep unity in your horse.

By signing up, you will: 

Find Your Confidence

Re-develop that spark in yourself through bonding with a 2,000-pound animal.

Expand Your Skillset
You have an equestrian passion, so let’s develop those skills! By leveraging the power and experience of Broken Bow Ranch, you’ll receive the guidance you need to get to where you want to go.

Also… It’s Simply Good For Ya!

Riding horses regularly:

✔️ Lowers blood pressure

✔️Burns calories

✔️Releases endorphins 

✔️Improve balance, coordination, and posture

Whether you’re choosing traditional lessons, Ladies’ Days, or Versatility Ranch Horse Showing lessons, our friendly, expert instructors deeply care about ensuring you feel at ease and confident when you learn how to ride. 

When you first arrive, your instructor will take you through a skills assessment, seeing where you and your horse need to improve. From there, you will have a personalized and dedicated lesson plan, designed to target your opportunity gaps and take you exactly where you need to go.


This is what starts it all. Experience the joys of horseback riding for yourself in our signature weekly lessons made for beginners. 


Saddle up, and let’s get it started. Learn tips and techniques to improve your riding skills, and level up with each lesson.


Made for those who are ready to take the reins on their equestrian journey. 

Riding is like any other skill! The two secret ingredients are:

Exposure and Practice!

Our personal recommendation is one lesson per week so that you and your horse can reap the benefits of regular training.
Investment: $240 – includes two complimentary horsemanship lessons!

Once you sign up, you’ll get: 

Included Skills Evaluation + AssessmentWe believe that tailoring your equestrian experience begins with understanding your current abilities. That’s why our owner, Gay Leigh will personally assess your skillset. This initial evaluation not only helps us gauge your riding proficiency but also ensures a tailored instruction plan for your unique needs and goals. 

Access to the Broken Bow Ranch Community As you’re growing as a rider, it’s important to connect with others who know exactly what you’re going through! Here, you’ll find camaraderie, share stories, and gain insights from those who are equally passionate about horsemanship. It’s a space where you can bond, learn, and thrive together as part of our close-knit equestrian family.
Bonus #1: 2 Complimentary Horsemanship Lessons

Everyone loves free stuff! With our special offer, you’ll receive 2 priceless horsemanship lessons as part of the package (a $120 value). You’ll learn how to properly groom, brush, and lead a horse, gaining foundational skills that are essential to owning a horse. It’s the perfect introduction to responsible horsemanship.

Bonus #2: First Lesson Discount

As a special bonus, we want to offer you a half-off discount on your first lesson! 

By signing up, you’ll get:
– Broken Bow Ranch’s proven week-by-week lesson plan for growing your skills as a rider
– Access to a close horse community
– Skill Assessment Included
Bonus: Complimentary Horsemanship Lessons
Bonus: First Lesson Discount

Versatility Horse Ranch Showing

Get ahead of the curve!

Versatility Ranch Horse is the fastest-growing segment of the horse show industry. SHOT has over 3000 paid members – that’s just from eyeing the member list! This is an organization that has been around since 1996 and is gaining astonishing popularity in the equestrian world.

Join the fastest growing segment of Western Industry

At Broken Bow Ranch, we’ve had our hands in helping Dr. Doug Householder and B.F. Yeates throughout the years.

Our owner, Gay Leigh, has been teaching since the 80’s. When you sign up for lessons, you will receive training in these 6 categories:

1. Ranch Riding: In this class, horses are evaluated individually, whether inside or outside an arena. Judges seek relaxed, responsive horses with smooth gaits. Transitions should be timely, smooth, and precise, and horses should exhibit softness in the bridle and responsiveness to contact.

2. Ranch Trail: The ranch trail pattern simulates obstacles encountered during everyday ranch work. Judges look for well-trained, responsive, and composed horses that can navigate the course efficiently and correctly.

3. Ranch Reining: Ranch reining measures a stock horse’s ability to perform fundamental handling maneuvers. This class may be held separately or in conjunction with ranch cow work. Judges assess the horse’s willingness to be guided without resistance.

4. Ranch Cow Work: In ranch cow work, riders choose between ranch cow work and limited ranch cow work for youth and amateur exhibitors, with specific time limits and tasks. Exhibitors must demonstrate their ability to handle cattle effectively.

5. Ranch Cutting: This class evaluates a horse’s capacity to separate a cow from the herd and maintain control. Horses must exhibit natural ranch horse attributes and have a two-minute limit for their performance.

6. Ranch Conformation: To compete in ranch conformation, horses must participate in at least two other classes on the same show day. Judges assess the balance, structural correctness, and muscling of horses, which are presented in a working halter.

Ready to win in the showpen?

Take a look at one of our recent wins!

Storytime from our owner, Gay Leigh Bingham!

The Truck Ride Home

“It occurred to me on the way back from our last stockhorseoftexas show in Hamilton that it was different this time.

Not because I was in my Plan B old school Dodge without AC, called into action by a driveshaft on the dually wrapped in field fence. My fault, of course. There was a different feel, like when I was younger, and we would leave a horse show after having some success. A feeling of satisfaction, accomplishment, and confidence. My parents had ensured I was mounted with a phenomenal horse bred, raised, and trained by them. As a young trainer, I had access to some nice horses; hence, more successful and pleasant truck rides home. Now, they weren’t all pleasant rides home by any means, but I knew the feeling.

For the last four years, I’ve shaken off the cobwebs and the what-ifs and got back in the show pen. Over the course of this adventure, my horses, bred, raised, and trained by me, have cried like little babies for each other; one reared straight up and dusted me; they have shied and wouldn’t settle down. I have been mortified, embarrassed, and downright humiliated. Not by other folks at the show; they are concerned about their own goings-on and insecurities. My horses, however, have wrecked trail courses, refused to catch leads, refused to go into arenas, bounced to stops that were fine at home, and made turns instead of spins; I could go on, but that’s enough!

We kept going back; there were improvements, glimmers of hope, and setbacks. Then the ride home, 2 hours, 7 hours, 4 hours, time to contemplate and readjust plans, maybe expectations. What went well, how we survived, what’s the next goal? I never thought we couldn’t do it, never thought to stay home and spend money some other way. 🤑 The time driving helped me decide one horse wasn’t going to cut it; the other horse was gonna have to do some double duty until I had the next one ready. Some of the navel-gazing I would do on the way home, getting over my embarrassment and self-absorption.
My drive home yesterday was different. How about Joy, Hope, Satisfaction, and Fulfillment for some goals! We came home with a First, Fourth, and Sixth out of 26 – 36 horses. We sure have plenty to work on, but it’s important to stop and feel that contentment. I had one gentleman say, as he was looking at my ‘98 Dodge pickup, “You’re old school, but you come out and win!” Does a soul good!

Here’s to truck rides home, the thoughtful ones, and the victorious ones!”