Eclipse Camping

Eclipse Camping

Once-in-a-Lifetime Celestial Event!

Cross off a bucket list item and come witness this extraordinary celestial event for yourself!

Camp under the endless starry sky and watch the rare eclipse amongst the wildflower-dotted blanket of hill country with your friends. Connect with nature, forget about the world for a little while, and witness the incredible eclipse under the famously clear and wide Lonestar sky.

Book a trail ride for the day, and receive complimentary eclipse viewing!

Or call or text (208)-572-0875‬ to reserve your camping spot or eclipse watching!

Camping: $40 per night

Eclipse watching only: $20 per carload

Join us for a celestial event for the ages!

Load the car with your loved ones and come out to see what makes the endless skies of rural Texas so special. Choose between camping or just watching the Eclipse from the unpolluted hill country just outside of Dallas city limits.

Camping: $40 per night

Eclipse watching only: $20 per carload

Call or text (208)-572-0875‬ to reserve your camping spot or eclipse watching!

Experience the longest total solar eclipse in North American history from Broken Bow Ranch!

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Texas, connecting with Mother Nature as the sky explodes in a celestial event for the ages.

Call or text (208)-572-0875 to reserve your camping spot or eclipse watching!

Join us for sunset trail rides under the orange and pink skies!

Enjoy a trail ride with an experienced trail guide, spotting wildflowers and grazing cows or scampering squirrels and wildlife. Rest alongside the historic Trinity River under the shade of ancient oaks.

Relax in the outdoors

See the rolling hills through the ears of an american quarter horse and enjoy the myriad of wildflowers and plant species dotting the trail. Depending on the season, you may spot Indian Paintbrushes, Bluebonnets, or Canadian thistles, to name a few. 

Incredible Wildlife

Scan the skies, and you may just see red-tail hawks swooping between the clouds, scissor-tail flycatchers darting across the pasture, or cattle egrets gliding majestically in the wind. Look out for grazing deer in the Great Trinity woods surrounding us and squirrels hopping between great shady oaks.

No horse experience? No Problem.
Unlike other ranches, we specifically pick out what horse will best fit your personality and experience. So even if you’ve never ridden a horse before, you’ll still have an incredible time on the trail.

Learn the history behind Texas and BBR

Genuine connection with visitors is our top priority, guiding you through the open pastures and fields, all while explaining the history of the land around us. 

Our peaceful trail rides allow you to connect with your horse, feeling its steady heartbeat and power beneath you. By the time you hop onto solid ground, you’ll feel like a transformed, more confident human being.